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I am the new intern at Mint, studying Design in Manchester but originally from West London. I am familiar with South Kensington and the huge amount of things to do. Wondering around I knew I would not be bored of things to do and see. There is a wide range of exhibitions on at the moment, which I always appreciate.

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We would like to once again highlight our Spring/Summer collection, all wonderfully bright, colourful and fresh. These exquisite pieces bring the crisp green of the outside inside for many summers to come.

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Here at Mint, we are delighted by the company of unique planters and flower motifs which are turning the gallery into the perfect garden to visit this summer. We wanted to share with you these refreshing pieces, the perfect additions to any interiors for summer celebration.

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In this month’s May/June issue, Elle Déco Lebanon has featured one of our interior design projects located in Beirut. It is a very special house that’s not to be missed. Built between 1830 and 1860, this astonishing palace belonged to Anastasia Dagher and his spouse, the great trader Moussa Sursock. The architects of the time were anonymous masons and artists, sometimes coming from as far as Italy, and the creators of what is today “the traditional Lebanese house”.


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Summer’s the season for parties. We thought it would be a good idea to update you with our new collection of seating to accommodate your guests.

Each stool is versatile and moveable; perfect solutions to your inevitable summer seating deficit.


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On Wednesday the 6th we celebrated with designers and friends at the private view of our new exhibition, Contours of Spring. The evening contained much eating and drinking whilst soaking up the potpourri of materials, colours and shapes cast by over 30 new designers.

Our opening night coincided with events hosted by other local icons such as the B&B, Cassina, Conran, Skandium and Squint to mark London Craft Week, an homage of contemporary crafts in the Brompton Design District.

Have a taste of our evening with some images from before and after the party.



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Elle Decoration

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Mint is delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase the Booming Vases series, a work by Analogia Project & Alessio Sarri of Italy.

The project draws inspiration from the two opposing essential elements that make our existence: air and matter, power and fragility. The making process of the objects followed an experimental methodology: a controlled detonation shapes the pure geometrical white ceramic, followed by drying and cooking in traditional way.


Booming Vases by Analogia Project & Alessio Sarri


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The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (often abbreviated to UMPRUM) is located in Prague, Czech Republic. The country’s reputation for design is first-class and many of their leading figures once graduated from the university.

Mint has long been a supporter of designers from the Czech Republic so, for last year’s LDF, we thought it only appropriate to show a range of work by some of their brightest and youngest. Unfortunately for you the pieces have now left the gallery. Luckily, however, we’ve compiled a little reminder so you can familiarise yourselves with their genius once again!


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