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Among the other artists and designers featured in Mint’s spring exhibition Light Reflections we had some very unique & interesting pieces by ceramicists Fenella Elms, Bee Flowers, and Nicholas Lees. Please continue reading to find out a little more about the artists.

04-MINT-SPRING14-2Image above shows Fenella Elms ‘Wall Flow’ & Nicholas Lees cast objects sat upon a steel table.

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Becoming an intern at Mint has brought me to South Kensington, an area abundant in architectural gems. My first impressions after my arrival to London have been formed by seeing staggering examples of diverse architectural styles and reinforced when taking a walk around the area of Mint.

I discovered the beauty of buildings such as the Michelin House with both Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco parts known for its decorative design or the Victorian building of the Natural History Museum with an ornate terracotta facade. Walking towards the Kensington Gardens, I stopped to have a look at the impressive Royal Albert Hall and then continued to both the Serpentine Gallery and Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Watching people enjoying the good weather in the park and using the pedal boats at the Serpentine lake has made for a pleasant ending to my day.

47-MINT-SPRING14-68Mint / Empire House on North Terrace

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Tristan Girard the creator of the Constructed Nature series seeks to deconstruct our understanding of when raw materials in nature become objects. His relationship with nature is ultimately in competition with God, so he questions how we perceive nature now given that materials are in essence the final product in themselves. Perhaps, he is suggesting by employing a 3D scanner that he will retain the beauty of nature as it exists, whilst simultaneously giving the piece of wood purpose outside of its natural habitat.   Check out the video below and continue ready to see some examples of Tristan’s work.

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One of my favourite exhibitions we saw during this years Milan Salone was the ECAL ‘Delirious Home’ exhibition.  The ingenious , yet humorous inventions that were being shown in the ECAL space varied from a clock that can mimic your arm movements to a collection of screaming cacti!  To understand a little more please watch the video below.

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To all our friends within the press and publishing industry,

Please put Thursday 12th of June in your diaries as Mint will be taking part in the annual Brompton Design District press day.  If you are new to Mint please bring along your business card so I can add you to the press contact list and you will then receive all of our future press releases.  If you continue scrolling down the Mint News page you will see  various posts about our current exhibition ‘Light Reflections’ which celebrates the unique and hand-crafted.

BR031 Press day mailer_v5

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Another Italian haven we explored during this years Milan Salone was the unique and humbling space of Mari n’ Co.  This family run catering space has been a priority spot for Mint since we were first invited back in 2012.  Mari n’ Co has been the chosen location for many high profile exhibitions and fashion shows as the large atmospheric space lends itself well to these functions.  During our visit, we were treated to a selection of freshly picked vegetables, moist riccotta cheese and a chickpea and calamari broth ! I personally cannot wait until our next visit !


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Our photographer Inge Clemente was at Mint last week and captured some beautiful images of our ‘Light Reflections’ exhibition.  Please continue on to see the current collection on display at Mint.  If you have questions about any of the pieces shown please don’t hesitate to get in touch at


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One of the most enjoyable exhibitions we visited during our time in Milan was the ‘Baas is in Town’ show in the newest area of the Salone, 5VIE.  The whole Baas team spent over 3 weeks prior to the Salone presentation to prepare and assemble the pieces being exhibited.  As the exhibition was fabricated on site, Baas tells how the pieces were intended to look good in photographs and look intentionally unfinished in the flesh. Continue reading to see a selection of the quirky products on display.  Enjoy !!!

‘Bla Bla Bla’ light installation at the Garage, Maarten Baas Milan 2014

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Following a successful opening evening last night, Mint’s new Spring exhibition Light Reflections is now open.  The annual springtime show will showcase a carefully curated selection of work from over 25 designers with the focus on material and the exciting processes the designers go through to hand craft their unique works.  Light Reflections opens Friday 9th of May and will run until Saturday 31st of May.


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Well we hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing time over the Easter.  The Mint team were lucky enough to have been amongst the thousands of visitors who descended upon this years Salone in Milan. Over the coming week I will be updating the blog with various posts on the design related sights seen during our time in sunny Milan.


Top left : Duomo Cathedral in Milan / Top right : Installation by Head Haute e’cole d’art & design Geneve / Bottom left : Lina with a delicious gelato / Bottom right : Richard Hutton’s Layer Cloud Chair designed for Kvadrat installation

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