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We are excited to finally reveal the latest film from Mint’s latest exhibition ‘Elements of Craft’ by Dan Joyce.  The filming began during the Mint private view so be sure to keep an eye out for some familiar face !

Soundtrack by Bonobo – Cirrus



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Marcus Tremonto specialises primarily in experimental technology-driven lighting, aiming to decontextualize and repurpose traditional designs. For this years LDF exhibition at Mint, Marcus created a series of adapted objects with intricately patterned custom circuits only becoming connected when placed on an array of unique conductive surfaces. The almost living design of the Pelle Condoctivo collection further explores and broadens the possibilities of the function of surface. The hand-cut circuit pattern reflects the story of a Paper Mill and its rather desolate future, as it is expected that virtually every material will become technology-based. The Paper Mill depicted on the vases not only shows the soon-outdated way of paper production but it also represents the very technology that will cause its demise.  Continue reading to see more images of the pieces Marcus created for this years show Elements of Craft.

67-MINT-LDF14-183Pelle Conductivo Wall Installation for LDF 2014

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If you were one of the many design enthusiastic who descended upon London for this years design festival hopefully you made Mint one of your ‘must-see’ design destinations !  For those of you who didn’t make it to the exhibition or you would like a visual reminder please continue reading for a selection of images by our photographer Inge Clemente.  If you have any questions about the pieces shown in the images you can contact us at


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Located conveniently in the heart of the Brompton Design District, Mint is a perfect starting place for exploring the venues for London Design Festival, each being in walking distance. The V&A hosts a number of exhibitions with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s kinetic sculpture entitled Double Space for BMW being one of the most impressive ones. Moving reflective structures change the visitor’s perspective of viewing the works by Raphael which are on display in the room. Walking from the V&A towards The Conran Shop presenting Best of British Craft and Design, stop by B&B Italia to see the new collection of contemporary designs by some of today’s biggest names in the industry. Turning back in the opposite direction, discover The Map House located within a stone’s throw of Harrods and marvel at the art of cartography led by Icelandic designer’s Kristjana S Williams new pieces.  Mint’s exhibition ‘Elements of Craft’ is open until Tuesday 30th of September.

_1010836_2The beautiful & intriguing window display at Mint

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For  this years LDF exhibition, Lina curates an exhibition focusing on the influence of craft in design. Pieces by Angelo Mangiarotti and Roy McMakin present classics from the 70s & 80s that are set against works by over 40 established and emerging designers to create a visual harmony of contrasts. The exhibition opens from 10.30am on Saturday 13th and runs until Tuesday 30th of September.  We look forward to seeing you all during the festival !


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Commissioned by Bloomberg, London-based Silo Studio created a range of unique furniture making use of Bloomberg’s own waste for their annual series of design projects “Waste Not, Want It”. With a handcrafted approach to their work, they decided to turn the Bloomberg’s refuse into design objects using the keys of their keyboards. The individual keys were taken out, separated by colours and melted down into surfaces forming table tops and seating. In some cases, the words on the keys can still be read.  Please continue on to see more images of the unique and inspiring collection.


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Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka designed a collection of resin and wood furniture for Established & Sons in which he aimed to find new purposes for old discarded objects through pioneering & innovative techniques. In his Udukuri collection he removes the layers of the surface of Douglas fir to expose the grain, before encasing the wood in brightly coloured epoxy resin, creating a smooth table top finish, combined with simple geometric frames. The title Udukuri refers to a traditional Japanese craft technique in which the surface of the wood is made uneven by removing the softer parts of the wood and leaving the harder parts.


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Among the other artists and designers featured in Mint’s spring exhibition Light Reflections we had some very unique & interesting pieces by ceramicists Fenella Elms, Bee Flowers, and Nicholas Lees. Please continue reading to find out a little more about the artists.

04-MINT-SPRING14-2Image above shows Fenella Elms ‘Wall Flow’ & Nicholas Lees cast objects sat upon a steel table.

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Becoming an intern at Mint has brought me to South Kensington, an area abundant in architectural gems. My first impressions after my arrival to London have been formed by seeing staggering examples of diverse architectural styles and reinforced when taking a walk around the area of Mint.

I discovered the beauty of buildings such as the Michelin House with both Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco parts known for its decorative design or the Victorian building of the Natural History Museum with an ornate terracotta facade. Walking towards the Kensington Gardens, I stopped to have a look at the impressive Royal Albert Hall and then continued to both the Serpentine Gallery and Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Watching people enjoying the good weather in the park and using the pedal boats at the Serpentine lake has made for a pleasant ending to my day.

47-MINT-SPRING14-68Mint / Empire House on North Terrace

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Tristan Girard the creator of the Constructed Nature series seeks to deconstruct our understanding of when raw materials in nature become objects. His relationship with nature is ultimately in competition with God, so he questions how we perceive nature now given that materials are in essence the final product in themselves. Perhaps, he is suggesting by employing a 3D scanner that he will retain the beauty of nature as it exists, whilst simultaneously giving the piece of wood purpose outside of its natural habitat.   Check out the video below and continue ready to see some examples of Tristan’s work.

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