19th Century House in Beirut, Lebanon

A beautifully restored 19th Century house in the traditional Lebanese architectural style, perfect for entertaining.
The brief asked to completely furnish and style a recently renovated Mansion located in Beirut, built between 1830 and 1860. The house suffered Russian bombardments during the First World War. In the 70’s, the ceilings were demolished by a civil war. Today, the palace is a unique emblem of the country’s history, and a symbol of the city’s former glory. The scars of war haven’t disappeared; history has given a special beauty to this unique building. Walls, ceilings and floors are a perfect reflection on the variety of Arab art coexisting together.
The new resident was looking for a combination of design styles, where crafts and bespoke design would marry the inherent treasures of her home. The palace is a perfect example of East meets West, a combination between classic and contemporary. The astonishing chandelier by Lasvit, imported from the Czech Republic and mounted by the Czech craftsmen themselves, glows with pride in the main salon space.

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